(021) 439 2106

343 Main Road Sea Point

Cape Town

 Take a look at our menu and come visit us!

 About Us

Mykonos Taverna first opened in the early 80's and was owner run by Peter Peroglou and well renowned for its festive atmosphere and outstanding quality dishes. After 19 years Mykonos has re-opened  its doors and is now run by Peter's son, Dimitri.

Following exactly in his father footsteps, Dimitri has continued to serve excellent authentic Greek foods such as signiture dishes, which exceed their reputation, for example Peter's Kleftiko Lamb.


We offer a variety of Greek foods. Kleftiko Lamb consists of slow cooked lamb shank and is served with an option of chips, a fresh greek salad or rice. Our popular Calamari Dish, consisting of Patagonica tubes which are lightly grilled or fried to a crispy golden texture, is delicious and tender.

The mezze platter for four including Dolmades, Tzaziki, Saganaki, Kefedes and four chicken skewers served with two fresh Pita's is a fantastic way to start your meal. The unbeatable homemade yoghurt, honey and nuts dessert is a must and a favourite amoung guests!

We also are available to hosts events such as birthdays and corporate events. At the end of each month we hold an entertaining Greek evening that includes a set menu, plate breaking and traditional greek dancing.


Customer Reviews

"The food at Mykonos is fantastic! Love the taramasalata and tatziki. The ribs are to die for and so is the calamari. If you like sardines, order them, you won't regret it. They're fresh, crispy and delicious. Service is fantastic. The owner is so friendly. Sometimes on Fridays they smash plates in the true Greek style. You have to go! " -- Natalie, 1 November 2011



343 Main Road Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape | 021 439 2106

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